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News Release

December 23, 2011      

For Further Information Contact:
William R. Steinhaus, County Executive
(845) 486-2000

Dutchess County Chief of Staff Nancy Giordano to Retire


Poughkeepsie… Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus has announced the retirement of his Chief of Staff Nancy Giordano.  Mrs. Giordano has served Dutchess County for 20 years including more than 7 years as Chief of Staff. She will serve through the end of the year.

“Nancy Giordano has been the cornerstone of my administration since day one. Every achievement, every initiative and every milestone; Nancy has been there… pulling it all together to make it happen,” said County Executive Steinhaus. “Nancy leaves a timeless mark on county government and the residents we serve and we thank her for all of her contributions to Dutchess County.”

Nancy Giordano has been an integral member of the Steinhaus Administration since the County Executive first took office on January 1st, 1992, when she began her tenure in Dutchess County Government as Executive Secretary. She was promoted to the position of Assistant to the County Executive in 1995, one of the two senior management positions directly under the Executive, overseeing the entire $400 million and 1900 staff county operation.   County Executive Steinhaus appointed her as Chief of Staff in April 2005.

As Chief of Staff, Mrs. Giordano has been responsible for formulating with the County Executive all strategic, operational and budget policies as well as programs and services plus coordination, oversight, guidance and evaluation for County departments.

As the top ranking female in Dutchess County government, she has provided guidance and counsel to many of the women who have joined county government in leadership roles or have worked their way up through the ranks. Commissioner of Planning & Development Kealy Salomon said, “Nancy Giordano has always been a visible advisor, crafting policy and sharing input on the key decisions made in the Executive branch. As more women have risen to leadership positions over the years, including myself; Nancy has taken the time to answer questions, provide helpful feedback and offer advice.”

Mrs. Giordano has worked to implement many of County Executive Steinhaus’ major policies, initiatives and programs over the years including:

  • Consistent and sound approach to maintaining financial stability in county government, ensuring Dutchess County Government an enviable Aa2 bond rating and ranking Dutches among the lowest of all 57 New York counties for spending and taxes per resident.

  • Reforms and realignments of Dutchess County Government – since 1992, the Steinhaus administration has reduced the number of Executive department head positions from 24 to 15.

  • Farmland Protection and Open Space Preservation

  • Tourism Industry Initiatives

  • Greenway Compact

  • Central Dutchess Water Transmission Line

  • Community Development Projects including:
    o Development of Red Hook Commons
    o Main Street revitalization projects in Beacon and Poughkeepsie

  • Health Initiatives including Tobacco Use Prevention, HEART Safe Program, Childhood Obesity Program and many others.

“All of the work we have done over the years, all of the programs and initiatives we have put in place to better serve our residents… Nancy has been a vital force behind the successful implementation of every one of them,” said County Executive Steinhaus.

Prior to her service in Dutchess County Government, Mrs. Giordano served 14 years in New York State government handling constituent services for New York State Assemblyman Glenn Warren,  the late New York Senator Jay Rolison and for Senator Steve Saland.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve my community and its residents over my entire career. Public service is all about people; whether helping an individual navigate state government or creating and implementing county programs or services to help benefit many, it all has been extremely satisfying and worthwhile,” said Giordano.  “As a direct result of the leadership and management of County Executive Bill Steinhaus, I also have been fortunate to work with and learn from remarkable people throughout county government and beyond who have shared a never ending passion, energy and commitment to enhance the quality of life for all in Dutchess County.”

County Executive Steinhaus said, “Nancy Giordano has been invaluable resource to me and so many others throughout Dutchess County government with her breadth of knowledge and experience.  She has served the residents of Dutchess County with intelligence, dignity and grace. I am honored that she has served with me through my entire tenure as County Executive and I thank her for her hard work and her endless commitment and dedication.  Dutchess County is a better community thanks to the work and leadership of Nancy Giordano,” concluded County Executive Steinhaus.

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