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News Release

June 10, 2011      

For Further Information Contact:
William R. Steinhaus, County Executive
(845) 486-2000

Dutchess Rail Trail in Demand!
Trail Users share feedback and questions

Poughkeepsie... In just two weeks since its official opening, Phase III of the Dutchess Rail Trail has welcomed thousands of residents and visitors who have come to the newly opened trail phase to walk, run, rollerblade and bike.    Trail users love the opportunity to enjoy 8.3 miles of trail through LaGrange and Wappinger and connecting to East Fishkill.

“The diversity of trail users is simply incredible from serious bikers and runners to casual walkers, the moms & dads out pushing strollers to the skateboards and roller bladers… people of every age group imaginable.  The Dutchess Rail Trail appeals to everyone,” said County Executive Steinhaus.  “We continue to work to improve the trail and keep up with the inquiries and feedback from people who just love the Dutchess Rail Trail, which coupled with the Harlem Valley Rail Trail makes for two awesome trail options.”

Interest in the Dutchess Rail Trail continues to build.    Since the opening of Phase III on May 26th, there have been nearly 4,500 visits to the Dutchess Rail Trail pages on the county’s websites and documenting the trail’s enormous popularity as people look for information about the trail such as parking and maps.   County Public Works/Parks employees have been working to keep brochure racks stocked as people eagerly pick up informational brochures along the Dutchess Rail Trail.

One of the most popular information inquiries is about parking availability along the Dutchess Rail Trail.    There are seven available parking locations, four of which are available along the newly opened Phase III portion of the Dutchess Rail Trail.   

  • Hopewell Depot Trailhead in the Town of East Fishkill, located at Railroad Avenue (just off of Route 376 at the Hopewell Inn).
  • Diddell Road Trailhead in Town of Wappinger, located just past the Diddell Road/Smith Crossing Road intersection. Parking is on the right with direct access to the trail.
  • Gold's Gym in Town of LaGrange, located at 258 Titusville Road.  Gold’s Gym has generously provided permanent trail parking and direct access from the rear parking lot.
  • Old Manchester Road in Town of LaGrange, located just behind Page Home Center on Old Manchester Road (next to Quinlan Gas).
  • Overocker Road Trailhead in the Town of Poughkeepsie, just past the Poughkeepsie Town Hall and the Elks Club on Overocker Road, next to Arnoff Storage.
  • Love Road Parking Lot in the Town of Poughkeepsie, located just behind the shopping plaza on Burnett Blvd.
  • Morgan Lake Trailhead Parking, located on Creek Road near the Dutchess Community College Campus.

Numerous trail users have shared their comments and feedback about the Dutchess Rail Trail  through the online feedback forms on the Dutchess Rail Trail webpages.    Feedback has been overwhelming positive, with some of the comments listed below:

“I see people of all ages and physical conditions out on the trail getting good exercise. I think this is the best public project ever.”- Paul, Wappinger

“Have been walking the section in Hopewell Junction since it opened and enjoy it very much.” - Mary, LaGrange

“I am on the rail trail almost every day - either on my bike or walking my dog. It's very relaxing to be there and people on the trail always seem to be very nice and friendly.” -  Lynn, Hopewell Junction

“While not a huge proponent of Government funding, I have to say that this project is by far the best thing I've seen the county do in my 30+ years living here. I'm a cyclist. To have a resource as this trail is such a pleasure. Many of us work inside behind computers all day. Getting out after an inactive day and enjoying a safe trail like this will make us all happier and healthier. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.” - Tom, Hopewell Junction.

Some feedback has related to the importance of trail etiquette for various users along the Dutchess Rail Trail.   The Dutchess Rail Trail is very popular for a wide variety of users and it is important that all users follow the rules of the Dutchess Rail Trail to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all.    Some of the key trail etiquette rules along the Dutchess Rail Trail include:

  • Please be courteous and considerate of other trail users.
  • Stay to the right.
  • Announce “on your left” then pass with care.
  • Travel at a reasonable and controlled speed.
  • Bicyclists must wear a helmet.
  • Dogs must be leashed.
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • This is a “Carry In/Carry Out” park - NO LITTERING
  • Please respect private property.
  • Horses are not permitted.


A complete list of Dutchess Rail Trail rules and additional information about Dutchess Rail Trail  can be found at

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