Local Options in Exemption Administration

Real Property Tax Service Agency
Heidi Seelbach, Commissioner



You must apply for exemptions with your local assessor prior to Tax Status Date (March 1st in all Dutchess municipalities).  Click on the following link to view a list of Municipal Assessors in Dutchess County.


The following are the most common exemptions in Dutchess County.  Each document contains the local options that the taxing jurisdictions have adopted.

Disabled Persons With Limited Incomes Exemption Local Options (.pdf)
Cold War Veterans Exemption Local Options (.pdf)
Seniors Exemption Local Options (.pdf)
Veterans Exemption Local Options (.pdf)


For information on the STAR program, please visit www.tax.ny.gov/star.

For information on other exemptions, contact your local assessor.

We believe this listing is accurate, if you spot any omissions or errors please contact us using Your Dutchess Direct, our automated response system, by clicking on the following button  -   Go to Your Dutchess Direct

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