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    The name of a party appearing on the document.

    • If it is a person's name, it is typically entered last name first.
    • You may search using all or part of the name.
    • Capitalization, special characters (periods, commas, apostrophes, etc), and spaces are ignored. For example, searching OConnor, o connor, or O'Connor will yield the same results.
    • You may enter up to three different criteria for the name. The three names will be used in conjunction during the search.
    • There are three different name "modifiers" available.
      Starts With - Find names that start with the characters you enter. Since names of people are entered last name first, it will search for last names that start with the criteria you enter. For example, if you search using starts with "Roger", the search results will include "Rogers Jim", but not "Smith Roger".
      Contains - Find names that contain the characters you enter, no matter where they appear in the name.
      Does not contain - Find names that do not contain the characters you enter.

    Search for documents containing a Lis Pendens. An LP, or Lis Pendens, is a notice that a lawsuit has been filed. LPs are filed in the Clerks Minutes/LP document type.