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Access to Dutchess County Public GIS

Dutchess County is committed to connecting the public to important geographically based information. We do so by maintaining geographic data and databases; and then giving the public access to these with powerful web mapping applications on the Internet.

ParcelAccess - Map-based parcel lines and property information.
A searchable map with all Dutchess County property boundaries and extensive amount of current property information are made available to you. Pertinent information such as wetlands, flood zones and elevations are also presented to help describe properties.
Address Info Finder - Address-based search tool to extract pertinent information.
Address Info-Finder provides basic information and links to more detailed information for official addresses within Dutchess County, NY. It’s a tool to verify an address and generate a report for related elected officials, road authorities, school districts, emergency service agencies and more.

InfoAccess - InfoAccess is the new GIS-based map developed by Dutchess County OCIS.
InfoAccess takes a broad range of location-related information and makes it viewable in themed "categories" on GIS maps such as: health care facilities, schools, transportation, senior friendship centers. InfoAccess is also used to map locations for activities, such as public meetings and local events.maps.


Information such as census data and activities dynamically update as a user navigates to different locations.  InfoAccess can be found throughout the County website as well as municipal websites that have been developed by OCIS as part of the Shared Services initiative.
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Historic Resource Survey Viewer - Detailed assessment of Dutchess County from the 1980s
An extensive review of landscape and cultural assets was conducted in the mid-1980’s. These ‘marked-up” maps and related documents are a valuable source of historical information.
AerialAccess - A collection of current and historic aerial photos dating back to 1936.
The application allows users to select two flight years and overlay them to see what changes have occurred over time. A time sequence print out is also available. Be sure to read the 'Info' and 'Basics' sections in the application to obtain a better understanding of the aerial photos being viewed.

Enterprise GIS
Dutchess County has developed an Enterprise-wide GIS. The basic mandate for any enterprise GIS application is to ensure that all agencies within an organization have access to GIS information so that they can operate at a higher efficiency. An enterprise GIS provides greater consistency and accuracy from system-wide management, more efficient use and sharing of data, reduced redundancy of data across the system, better use of departmental GIS resources, and reduced maintenance and support costs.
Public Workstations:
Options are available for individuals wanting to access the web applications other than from home. There are numerous public workstations throughout the County. There are public workstation available at:

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