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Upper Route 9G CMP

Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


The purpose of this federally-funded project was to complete a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for a section of NYS Route 9G from CR 78 (Broadway/West Kerley Corners Rd.) in the Village of Tivoli to NYS Route 199 in the Town of Red Hook. In order to address local concerns about transportation safety in the area, the Transportation Council sought to identify short- and long-range recommendations to improve vehicular and non-vehicular safety and mobility on Route 9G. 

The CMP evaluated the impacts of development proposals and local land use laws on future operations and safety, and in turn, provides ways to mitigate these impacts. In addition to the 9G corridor, the CMP also evaluated traffic safety and operations on two secondary corridors: the section of CR 78 (Broadway) from the Hudson River to NYS Route 9G in Tivoli and CR 103 (Annandale Rd.) from NYS Route 9G to Route 199 (West Market St.) in Red Hook. Within the study area, particular attention was paid to traffic safety and operations at nine key intersections (see also Study Area Map):  

1) Route 9G/CR 78 (West Kerley Corners Rd./Broadway)
2) Route 9G/Kidd Ln.
3) Route 9G/CR 79 (Budds Corners Rd.)
4) Route 9G/CR 103 (Annandale Rd.)/Old Whalesback Rd.
5) Route 9G/Entrance Rd. (Bard College)
6) Route 9G/Kelly Rd./River Rd.
7) Route 9G/Route 199 (West Market St.)
8) CR 78 (Broadway)/Montgomery St./North Rd.
9) CR 103 (Annandale Rd.)/River Rd.

The Upper Route 9G CMP included an assessment of current traffic and safety conditions, estimates of future growth, and suggested changes to roadway characteristics, intersection configurations, and safety and traffic flow improvements, as well as pedestrian, bicycle and transit improvements. The project builds upon previous Transportation Council studies, including the Village of Tivoli Streetscape, Route 9 Land Use & Transportation Study in Poughkeepsie, and CR 93 (Myers Corners/Middlebush Rd) Corridor Management Plan (CMP) in Wappinger.

Final Report
Final Plan (.pdf)
Chapter #1 (Existing Conditions) (.pdf)
Chapter #2 (Existing Crash Data) (.pdf)
Chapter #3 (Safety Assessment) (.pdf)
Chapter #4 (Future Conditions) (.pdf)
Chapter #5 (Recommendations) (.pdf)
Appendix A (Public Meeting Summaries & Public Comments Compilation) (.pdf)

Upper Route 9G CMP Final Public Meeting Presentation (.pdf) - September 21, 2016



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