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Arlington Pedestrian Plan

Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner



Pedestrian infrastructure plays a critical role in building healthy, vibrant communities. To support communities in their efforts to become more walkable, the Dutchess County Transportation Council (DCTC), in partnership with the Dutchess County Planning Department, assists local municipalities with pedestrian plans. As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Dutchess County, the DCTC is tasked with carrying out a cooperative and comprehensive multimodal transportation planning process for the County, which includes the development and promotion of accessible walking and bicycling facilities.

The Arlington Town Center Pedestrian Plan is the fourth MPO-supported sidewalk study, after studies in the Village of Rhinebeck (2011), Town of Hyde Park (2013), and Town of Pine Plains (2014). The Plan was requested by the Arlington Business Improvement District (BID) in coordination with the Town of Poughkeepsie.

The Arlington Town Center is located immediately north of Vassar College in the Town of Poughkeepsie. Based on the Arlington Town Center zoning district boundary, the Town Center is generally bounded by Maple Street (the westbound arterial) to the north, Fulton Avenue/Collegeview Avenue to the south, the border with the City of Poughkeepsie to the west, and Vassar College property to the east. 

The BID includes most of the properties bordering on Main Street and Raymond Avenue, as well as properties on the blocks between Raymond Avenue and Fairmont Avenue/Taft Avenue. Land uses in the Town Center include commercial and mixed-use buildings, as well as single and multi-family residences. The mixed-use nature of the Town Center supports walking and bicycling for transportation.  

Scope of Work

For this project, representatives from a Town-designated volunteer Task Force worked with the DCTC to develop a scope of work to guide the study.

The scope of work identified three goals: 1) To establish an inventory of existing pedestrian infrastructure in the Arlington Town Center; 2) To identify ways to improve pedestrian access to the Town Center and enhance the pedestrian experience in Arlington; and 3) To establish a vision for what the Arlington Town Center could look like in the future.

The study included a GPS inventory of existing conditions and a final report with prioritized recommendations for improvements. The inventory was completed during the spring/summer of 2016, and the report was finalized in February 2017.

Project Materials (pdf files)
Project Flier
Study Area Map
Presentation to BID (09/27/16)
Presentation to Poughkeepsie Town Board (1/11/17)
Presentation to DCTC Planning Committee (2/22/17)


Final Report
Final Report (.pdf) - Note: this is a large file (approximately 22 MB).
Appendices are not included but are listed below.

Summary Handout (.pdf)

Drawings (pdf files)
Main Street/Grand Avenue Perspective (.pdf)
Main Street Perspective (east of Raymond Avenue) (.pdf)

Report Maps (pdf files)
1- Study Area
2- 1948 Aerial 
3- 1970 Aerial
4- 1980 Aerial
5- 2014 Aerial
6- Population Density
7- Traffic Volumes
8- Sidewalk Conditions
9- Sidewalk Issues
10- Curb Ramp Conditions
11- Marked Crosswalks & Pedestrian Signals
12- Parking Lots & Commercial Driveways
13- Existing Amenities
14- Existing Bus Service
15- Pedestrian & Bicycle Count Data
16- Street Fair Feedback
17- Crash Data
18- Proposed Marked Crosswalks & Pedestrian Signals
19- Infrastructure Recommendations

Appendices (pdf files)
A- Town Board Resolution & Task Force
B- Inventory Summary Tables
C- Pedestrian Signals Evaluation
D- Identified Issues and Repairs
E- Main Street Sections (Existing & Proposed)
F- Main Street Plan Views - Transportation & Land Use Improvement Opportunities
G- Collegeview Avenue Sections (Existing & Proposed)
H- Bicycle Boulevard & Rail Trail Connection Proposal
I- Safe Routes to School Proposal
J- Recommendations Summary


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