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Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Mark Debald, Transportation Program Administrator


2016-2017 Program Highlights

The Council has identified the following objectives for the 2016-2017 UPWP:

  • Develop a proof copy with photos of the new Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Moving Dutchess 2.
  • Develop and approve a new FFY 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), effective October 1, 2016, and update the Transportation Council’s online TIP Viewer application.
  • Complete the Upper Route 9G Corridor Management Plan (CMP), which will identify short- and long-range recommendations to improve vehicular and non-vehicular safety and access along a section of NYS Route 9G from CR 78 (Broadway/West Kerley Corners Rd.) in the Village of Tivoli to NYS Route 199 in the Town of Red Hook.
  • Initiate a new local pavement monitoring program to assess the condition of non federal-aid eligible local roads in Dutchess County. This new program will utilize interns from the Cornell Asset Management Program (CAMP) to assist DCDPW staff with assessing pavement conditions for several municipalities.
  • Complete a Sidewalk Inventory and Improvement Plan for the Arlington Business District in the Town of Poughkeepsie, and begin development of a Sidewalk Inventory and Improvement Plan for the Village of Millerton.
  • Conduct a Safety Assessment of one or more high-crash roads/intersections as identified in Moving Dutchess 2 or proposed by Transportation Council members.
  • In conjunction with the county’s Complete Streets Committee, coordinate and produce a public safety campaign to increase awareness of walking and bicycling safety issues in Dutchess County.
  • Support local transit providers in improving transit operations throughout the County and assist Dutchess County Public Transit with development of a Transit Development Plan for Dutchess County.
  • Provide staff support for organizing TMA meetings and assist with development of a Regional Transit Plan.
  • Complete the Transportation Council’s annual pavement condition monitoring program for local federal-aid eligible roads.
  • Complete the Transportation Council’s annual traffic count program, collecting volume, vehicle classification, and speed data at approximately 300 locations in the county.


Regional Transportation Planning Studies

The Transportation Council will participate in related studies by other agencies that may affect the transportation system in and around Dutchess County, including work on the NYSDOT High Speed Rail Empire Corridor and the Tappan Zee Bridge. The Council will also review any relevant documents produced for other regional projects.

Consultant Projects

The Council will use consultant/inter-departmental services to assist with the following tasks during the 2016-2017 program year: Upper Route 9G Corridor Management Plan (close-out), annual traffic count program, county pavement condition monitoring program, and maintenance of the TIP database/GIS portal. Maintenance support for the Council’s TransCAD software program is also included as a consultant cost. Consultant funds are distributed as follows:

Data Development & Analysis
- Traffic Count Program: $67,500 (FHWA funds)
- Pavement Condition Monitoring: $18,500 (FHWA funds)
- TIP Database/GIS Portal Maintenance: $5,000 (FHWA funds)

Long-Range Transportation Planning (System)
- TransCAD Annual Maintenance: $2,400 (FHWA funds)

Long-Range Transportation Planning (Project)
- Upper Route 9G Corridor Management Plan: $30,000 (FHWA funds)

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