Electronics Recycling

Solid Waste Management
Lindsay Carille, Deputy Commissioner


New York State Electronics Disposal Ban

It is illegal to throw computers, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, converter boxes, cable or satellite receivers, and video game consoles in the trash or recycling bin. They must be taken to a drop-off location for recycling or reuse. While it is legal for some other materials containing hazardous components to be thrown in the garbage, suchNYS Electronics Disposal Ban as fluorescent lights, cell phones and rechargeable batteries, they can be harmful to our environment when they are. These items should also be taken to a drop-off location for recycling or reuse.

There are several drop-off locations throughout Dutchess County. For a complete list of hazardous materials accepted at the locations below please visit their website or utilize their contact information for more details.

Electronics Recycling Locations

Visit the following websites for a list of items accepted:

Best Buy


Municipal Transfer Stations – call your local transfer station to find out if they accept electronics.

Recycle Depot

Royal Carting

Salvation Army


Additional CFL disposal drop-off locations:

Home Depot – Accepts CFLs, rechargeable batteries and Christmas/holiday lighting (seasonal) only.

Lowes - Accepts CFLs, rechargeable batteries and cell phones only.

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