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Adoption and Homefinding

Dept. of Community & Family Services (DCFS)
Sabrina Jaar Marzouka, Commissioner

The Adoption and Homefinding Unit is responsible for recruiting, training and certifying foster and adoptive applicants.

Children available for adoption may be surrendered by their parents for adoption or may be freed for adoption through a Family Court decision to terminate parental rights due to the failure of parents to provide a safe return home for their child in foster care.

Most children available for adoption have been in foster care and are eligible for an adoption subsidy, which is a monthly check similar in amount to Foster Care board checks.

Case Managers supervise placements until the adoption is final and counsel children and adoptive parents. Foster parents are encouraged to adopt children in their homes and many foster parents become adoptive parents; others provide temporary care.

This unit also offers post-adoption services. There is a great need for more foster homes and more adoptive applicants for school age children. Anyone interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent for Dutchess County children may call (845) 486-3068 for more information.

Click Here to find out more about the Dutchess County Foster Care Program.

Phone:   845) 486-3230
Fax:   (845) 486-3238





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