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Eoin Wrafter, Acting Commissioner


 William Johnson, Administrator


The following objectives were achieved during the time period from October 2010 to September 2011 to fulfill the goals set by the Dutchess County STOP-DWI Planning Board:

To reduce the number of crashes, fatalities, and injuries by impaired driving.

  • Funded 10 law enforcement agencies for dedicated overtime patrols.

  • Completed an RFP process/operational plan providing funding totaling $40,875 to eight (8) law enforcement agencies to conduct multi agency, high visibility coordinated sobriety checkpoints in 2011.

  • Continued to partially fund one full-time DWI officer for the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office.

  • The Program continues to update countywide training needs assessment survey to determine specific law enforcement training needs, and to develop an local operational plan to support, coordinate and provide those activities.

  • The County’s inventory list for loaned DWI equipment was validated and updated by the STOP-DWI Coordinator and Program Assistant.

  • Funding to support the District Attorney’s Office staff resulted in 1,829 convictions of the 1,914 closed cases, including 70 felony convictions in 2010.

  • Funding to co-sponsor/support the 28th annual Mid Hudson Region STOP-DWI Conference in New Windsor, NY (April 7th 2011). STOP-DWI Program sponsorship provided 41 law enforcement personnel/STOP DWI advocates from Dutchess County the opportunity to attend the conference and training workshops.

  • Coordinator attended quarterly meetings of the New York State STOP-DWI Coordinator’s Association, and continues an active role as the Regional Chairman (Mid-Hudson) of the Association, and with the Association’s Law Enforcement sub-committee. 

  • Coordinator continues to meet with the chiefs/officers in charge of all contracted law enforcement agencies countywide to enhance communications and identify/ address general and agency specific needs.

To increase the public’s perception of the risks of impaired driving.

  • The Program held its 17th Annual Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony on November 16th 2011. The event honored 16 officers and was attended by 98 guests.  The keynote speaker was Mr. Chuck Matson, presenting information pertaining to Recognizing Impairing Drugs.

  • In the past year the STOP-DWI Office has responded to in excess of 150 public information requests, either through telephone, e-mail, or written correspondence.

  • STOP-DWI Coordinator offered remarks at the 28th annual Dutchess County R.I.D.’s Victims’ Memorial Service in May 2011. 

  • The program also provided funding supporting Dutchess County Remove Intoxicated Drivers (R.I.D) programming expenses.

  • Coordinator continues to be a member of the Dutchess County Victim Impact Panel’s (VIP) Advisory Committee, the Dutchess County MADD Organizational committee, and the Dutchess Campus Community Coalition.

  • Multiple press releases were written and distributed to the media pertaining to changes in legislation and various STOP-DWI and Traffic Safety programs.

To reduce the incidence of impaired driving by underage drivers.

  • The program partially funded a Alcohol/Highway Safety Educator position with the Council on Addiction Prevention & Education (CAPE) of Dutchess County, Inc.  Throughout the year; 382 presentations were conducted, including 2 conferences, 21 exhibits, and 324 presentations, of which there were 14 “Teen driving– It’s a Family Affair” assemblies.  More than 13,751 individuals were contacted, of which 9,719 were youth/students.

  • Also, more than 15,500 Public Information & Educational (PI&E) materials and promotional items were distributed. 2011 programming showed continued expansion and utilization of the “Teen Driving…It’s a Family Affair” program by every school district in Dutchess County as well as coordination of High School SADD chapters and related chapter activities countywide. DC CAPE staff remain instrumental in the cultivation and development of strong relationships in the schools/community as well as the delivery of prevention education/information. 

  • The Annual Dutchess County SADD Conference, coordinated by the Council on Addiction Prevention & Education was held on November 4th 2011 at Rolling Hills in the Dutchess Golf and Country Club. More than 140 SADD participants/students attended the conference representing high schools and established SADD chapters from throughout Dutchess County.

  • Funding was provided for a Coordinated High School Presentation Program focusing on addressing underage impaired driving issues. Presentations conducted by Jonathon Mueller (supported by STOP-DWI) were coordinated and completed in (11) high schools throughout the County. 

  • Program Coordinator assisted with organization/support of mock DWI crashes and Impaired Driving awareness presentations in School Districts throughout Dutchess County. The STOP-DWI program also provided a variety of PI & E materials that were distributed to the respective student bodies.

To reduce the incidence of recidivist impaired driving.

  • Provided funding to support the DWI offenders Intensive Supervision Unit in the Dutchess County Probation and Community Corrections Office. In 2011 the specialized unit received 279 new sentenced DWI cases, 171 cases were terminated/closed, and 87 violations were filed. Data reveals the Intensive Supervision unit supervised an average of 111 cases per month. Overall impaired driving cases represent approximately thirty-one percent (31%) of the total criminal caseload of the Probation Department. 

  • Sponsored a training seminar conducted Mr. Chuck Matson, Omaha, Nebraska entitled; “Pharmageddon-Driving in the Danger Zone – Recognizing impairing Drugs”. The event held on November 17th 2011 held at the Henry Wallace Center in the FDR Estate, Hyde park, NY. The seminar was attended by Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Treatment, and Parole/Probation professionals from throughout the region.

  • The STOP-DWI Program continues to partially fund/subsidize outpatient alcohol and substance abuse services through the Lexington Center for Recovery. 

Evaluation of the Program    (State data)

In 2011 Dutchess County STOP-DWI funding directly resulted in 3,071 combined hours of dedicated enforcement overtime patrols, resulting in 251 impaired driving arrests. Also, sobriety checkpoints (574 combined hrs.) resulted in 35 additional impaired driving arrests to bring the total of STOP funded arrests in 2011 to 286 (compared to 324 in 2010, 308 in 2009, 333 in 2008, 290 in 2007 and 232 in 2006.  

Fine revenue for 2011 totaled $554,474 with 1,480 arrests. This compares to a total of $628,520 in 2010, $657,852 in 2009, $758,932 in 2008, $591,090 in 2007, $612,627 in 2006, $613,419 in 2005, $516,115 in 2004, $636,504 in 2003, $618,732 of total revenue in 2002, and $627,894 in 2001. 

The program’s expenditures totaled $624,734 in 2011, compared to $755,686 in 2010, $679,438 in 2009, $582,958 in 2008, $500,753 in 2007, $480,427 in 2006, $516,659 in 2005, $769,394 in 2004, $914,891 in 2003, $639,874. in 2002, and $501,986 in 2001.

The STOP-DWI Program’s dedicated fund balance as of December 31st 2011 was $229,311. The STOP-DWI planning board remains committed to maintaining fiscal stability by maintaining a responsible fund balance. 

The STOP-DWI Planning Board met six times during this period to monitor and evaluate the program. Members continued their participation in the sub-committees of Legislation, Law Enforcement, Promotion and Evaluation/Budget.   

The tentative 2012 plan request includes appropriations totaling $666,776.

With the addition of the PPA fringe of $27,295 appropriations will total $694,071.

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