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Current Assessment Rolls in Dutchess County

Real Property Tax Service Agency
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RPTL §1590 requires that assessing units post their assessment rolls on their web site within 10 days of filing, or to provide a link to the county web site posting the roll. These rolls are updated on or around May 1st for Tentative Assessment Rolls, and on or around July 1st for Final Assessment Rolls.

Detailed parcel information can be found on Dutchess County‚Äôs Parcel/Access application which is also updated on or around May 1st, and again on or around July 1st.

RPTL §504 allows an assessor to make corrections to the tentative assessment roll after processing but prior to publication by filing a list of those corrections at the same time as the roll. 

Please see NYS ORPTS' web page Overview of the Assessment Roll which will help you to understand the information contained in the roll.

2013 Final Assessment Rolls

- Beacon City (.pdf)
Poughkeepsie City (.pdf)

Towns  / Villages
Amenia Town  (.pdf)
Beekman Town  (.pdf)
- Clinton Town (.pdf)
- Dover Town (.pdf)
- East Fishkill Town (.pdf)
- Fishkill Town and Fishkill Village (.pdf)
- Hyde Park Town (.pdf)
- LaGrangeTown (.pdf)
- Milan Town (.pdf)
- North East Town and Millerton Village (.pdf)
- Pawling Town and Pawling Village (.pdf)
- Pine Plains Town (.pdf)
- Pleasant Valley Town (.pdf)
- Poughkeepsie Town and Wappingers Falls Village (.pdf)
- Red Hook Town and Villages of Red Hook and Tivoli (.pdf)
- Rhinebeck Town and Rhinebeck Village (.pdf)
- Stanford Town (.pdf)
- Union Vale Town (.pdf)
- Wappinger Town and Wappingers Falls Village (.pdf)
- Washington Town and Millbrook Village (.pdf)

Some notes on finding a specific parcel in the Assessment or Tax Rolls:


You will need to know the town the parcel is in.  For school or village taxes, you'll need to know the school or village. It's helpful to know the Grid Number (parcel ID).  If you don't know this information, you can search County-wide in Parcel/Access.

Open the tax roll file and use the "Search" or "Find" feature in Acrobat.  If you do not see it on your toolbar when you open the file, try right-clicking in the body of the roll.  This should enable a drop-down menu.

Type the parcel ID in the search box.  (You can enter the whole ID, ex:  1234-12-123456-0000, or you can just enter the six-digit group, 123456, it is unique enough within the roll to find your parcel.

You can use any search criteria, like owner name, but you may get a number of "false positives" if the name is common.  You may get nothing if the name is spelled differently from what you key in.

Hit <Enter>.  Wait.  These are large files, and it can take a minute for the software to find the data.  The second search within the same roll file will generally be quicker.

If you are looking for information on a number of parcels you may want to organize your work by municipality, or by school/municipality for schol tax rolls.



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