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Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grants

Planning and Development
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Program Overview

Dutchess County created the Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant Program in 2013 to incentivize municipal projects through a competitive process that consolidate services, produce shared services, eliminate an entire government entity, evaluate municipal consolidation opportunities and implementation possibilities, establish the regional delivery of services, and/or offer other efficiency improvements. The result must be a smaller, smarter government service or project that yields savings for taxpayers.

The program is voluntary with the intent to spur innovation and identify best practices developed by and for local government agencies. The overall goal is to support local government efforts to reduce the property tax levy within all jurisdictions.

In 2016, the County set aside $1 million to support local initiatives to increase cooperation and reduce redundancy at the municipal level. Although there is no maximum award, the County intends to fund multiple projects.

2016 Program

In 2016, the County has a top priority – the outright dissolution of a division, layer or jurisdiction of government. The County will continue funding shared services and consolidation but will give priority to those projects that save taxpayer money by eliminating an entire government entity. For the purposes of this program, a government entity is defined as an agency that has taxing authority.

Additionally, the County will consider applications from special districts – such as fire and library districts seeking to share, consolidate and/or dissolve.

Eligible Entities

Each request must have one lead applicant, but municipalities are encouraged to coordinate their efforts. Activities that include other local government entities/taxing jurisdiction (e.g. fire districts, special districts, library districts, school districts, public authorities) will be considered.

Entities other than municipalities that will be the lead applicant must provide resolutions from the board or a letter of support from the chief elected official from all of the local municipalities (City, Town or Village) in which their entity provides service. *Please note, resolutions from the board or a letter of support from the chief elected official must be submitted as a separate attachment to the application.

Eligible Activities

The County will consider applications from municipal governments that result in:

  • Dissolution of a Layer of Government: A governmental entity dissolves itself and merges operations with another  governmental entity.
  • Consolidation of Services: Functional consolidation is when one local government completely provides a service or function for another local government that will no longer engage in that service or function.
  • Shared Services: Shared services are the joint provision, performance or delivery of a service, facility, or activity by two or more local government entities that each may do separately.
  • Regional Delivery of Services: Local governments may determine that delivery of services on a regional basis is the most cost-effective method of providing services. To accomplish this, local government entities may either enter into joint agreements or transfer the service to a county or regional entity.
  • Other Efficiency Improvements: Activities that will provide significant long-term savings to one or more municipalities. Including training for programs and services that cross jurisdictional boundaries, up to 50% of these costs are eligible.
  • Municipal Consolidation Planning and/or Implementation: Planning and evaluation that may result in implementation of one of the above categories: Dissolution, Consolidation, Shared Services, Resource Delivery, and Efficiency.

Reference Materials

If awarded funding, your organization will need to submit the following on a quarterly bases:


Here are some helpful examples of supporting documents you will be asked to submit along with the quarterly forms listed above:


2016 Program


2015 Program


2014 Program


2013 Program

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