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Begun in 1964, our newsletter has been one of many tools used to communicate with local decision-makers and interested citizens about land use planning issues. Developed by the Department of Planning and Development on behalf of the Dutchess County Planning Federation, the Plan On It newsletter went "green" in 2007 when it became an eNewsletter. Distributed via email and posted online, we publish approximately 6 issues per year. Each issue includes one article focusing on a pertinent planning topic, ranging from housing, transportation, environment, rural preservation, village and hamlet design, zoning, and much more.

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Most Recent Issue:
Agricultural Districts Law: Both Farmers and Municipalities Play a Role, Nov/Dec 2017

Planning/Zoning General 2017 Issues
Greenway 2016 Issues
Signs 2015 Issues 
Housing 2014 Issues
Agriculture & Environment 2013 Issues
Ped/Bike & Transportation 2012 Issues
Census 2011 Issues
Solid Waste 2010 Issues
Community Development / Investment 2009 Issues
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All eNewsletters are in .pdf format, Adobe Acrobat required:  

Planning/Zoning General:
Accessibility Isn't a Special Interest: Creating Equitable Spaces for All, Sept/Oct 2017
Solar is Gaining Ground: How to Ensure Your Community is Prepared, July/August 2017
Hay Bales and Toilet Plungers – New Tools for Reshaping Your Community, May/June 2017
Market Analysis in the Comprehensive Plan, January/February 2017
How to Read a Site Plan: What to Look For and Why It's Important, July/August 2016
Streamlining the Zoning Referral Process, November/December 2015
Zoning for Solar Energy, October 2015
The Importance of Zoning Definitions, May/June 2015
Getting to the Root of the Issue, March/April 2015 
Establishing Private Water and Sewer Systems, August/September 2014 
Case Law Review: Zoning Law Interpretations, July 2014 
Balancing Local Budgets with Mixed-Use Blocks and Buildings, June 2014 
Converting Conventional Zoning to Form-Based Codes, November 2013 
Building an Alliance for Our Local Economy, October 2013 
The True Cost of Water, May 2013
State Laws that Override Local Zoning, November/December 2012
The What and Why of Official Maps, July/August 2012
Smart Sewers for Smart Growth, April 2012

Catching Up on Business, March 2012

State Adopts Outdoor Wood Boiler Regulations, Sept/Oct. 2011
Historic Resource Survey – An "Old" Mapping Project Renewed, April 2011
Finding Good Planning, July/Aug. 2010
Commissioner's Special Edition, 2010
A Planning New Year's Resolution, January 2009
Seeing the Benefits of Visually Specific Plans, December 2008
DCPF Recognizes Outstanding 2007 Projects, June 2008
Planning Prospects for 2008, January 2008
Planning Board Aims for Better Design, September 2007
GIS Coming to Planning Board Meetings, July 2007
Septic Systems: How Close is Too Close?, May 2007
New State Law Requires Training, February 2007
A Win-Win Approach to Subdivisions, January 2007
For Local Man, 7-Day Weekend Begins, June 2007
New Greenway Guide: Building Bicycle Networks, February 2013
Growing in a Green Way: The Past and Future of Greenway, Dec/Jan. 2012

New Greenway Guide: Rural Roads, March/April 2010

New Greenway Guide: Centers & Greenspaces, Jan/Feb. 2010
New Greenway Guide: Slower, Safer Streets, December 2009
New Greenway Guide: Convenience Stores with Gas Pumps, September 2009
The Greenway Shift, July/Aug. 2008
Supreme Court Case Requires Rewrite of Municipal Sign Laws, March/April 2016
Regulating Digital Signs: To Glow or Not To Glow, May 2012
Sign Illumination: Keeping the Stars Visible, April 2009
Billboards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Febuary 2009
Signs 101: Good Sign Design, May 2008
Signs 101: How Many Do We Really Need?, March 2008  
Not Your Grandmother's Senior Housing - Why Design and Location Matter, July/August 2015
Taking an Honest Look at Where We Plan to Live As We Age: Starting a Community Conversation about the Importance of Embracing Housing Choices, December 2014 
Bigger Isn't Always Better for Renters: Micro–Apartments and Single–Room Occupancy Units, February 2014 
In-Laws or Outlaws: Which Would You Rather Have Nearby? — An Introduction to Accessory Dwelling Units, January 2013
School Children and Affordable Housing – Is it Really an Issue?, September 2012
The Changing American Dream: Shifting Trends in Who We Are and How We Live, February 2012
Who's Living in Affordable Housing? A Tenant Characteristics Study of Pendell Commons, November 2011
How is Rental Housing Weathering this Economic Storm?, December 2010
Regional Housing Needs Study Released, July/Aug. 2009
Is There Still an Affordable Housing Crisis?, May 2009
Renters are People, Too, November 2008
The New Face of Affordable Housing, November 2007
What is Affordable Housing?, October 2007
Answering Your Questions on Inclusionary Zoning, March 2007
Agriculture & Environment:
Agricultural Districts Law: Both Farmers and Municipalities Play a Role, Nov/Dec 2017
County Agricultural Plan Supports Farm Economy, February 2015 
Caring for the Community Forest, September 2013 
Food Hubs: Taking Local to the Next Level, August 2013 
Agricultural Districts vs. Agricultural Assessments: What is the Difference and Why Do They Matter?, May 2011
Down the Drain? Not So Fast! What Planning Boards Need to Know About Stormwater, February 2011
Agriculture is a Business, Not Just a Pretty View, October 2010
Biodiversity Blocks: A Sensible, Science-Based Way to Define Greenspaces, September 2010
Water Resource Management Ordinances, May/June 2010
Economic and Environmental Benefits of Wetlands,Oct/Nov. 2009
An Even Dozen – Dutchess County Purchases Easement on Pleasant View Farm, February 2008
Ped/Bike & Transportation:
Creating "Sticky" Environments: How to Integrate Walkability into Community Design, Sept/Oct 2016
Moving Dutchess 2: A New Transportation Plan for Dutchess County, Jan/Feb 2016
Road Safety Assessments, September 2015
Public Comments Sought for Draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, December/January 2014
The Bridges of Dutchess County (and the Roads, Too!), June/July 2013 
New Greenway Guide: Building Bicycle Networks, February 2013
Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Update, October 2012
Complete Streets, June 2012
Dutchess Rail Trail: A Park with Something for Everyone, June 2011
Rhinebeck Village: Worth Walking, March 2011
Transit-Oriented Development in Eastern Dutchess, January 2011
Health Benefits of "Active Transportation", March 2009
Driving Less – It's Not Just About Your Commute, September 2008
Trail Enhancements in Northern Dutchess, August 2007
Blending Neighborhood and Regional Planning, April 2007
Demographic Trends: Planning for the Future, March/April 2017
2010 Census: What Do the Numbers Tell Us?, July/Aug. 2011
New Census Data: Revolutionizing How We Understand Our Communities, November 2010
Solid Waste:
Don't Throw it Away: Alternatives to Landfills or Incineration, October/November 2014 
Reduce Pollution in Our Streams and Waterbodies, April/May 2014 
Rethinking Waste: A New Age of Recycling, March 2013
Fact or Fiction? Solid Waste Disposal is a Dirty Job, June 2009
Community Development / Investment:
Municipal Consolidation and Shared Services "2.0": Ringing in the New Year with a Fresh Approach, Nov/Dec 2016
DCWWA Acquires Hyde Park Water/Sewer Systems: An Example of Local Government Efficiency, May/June 2016
Municipal Capital Planning 101, January 2015 
Increasing Collaboration through Shared Information and Services, March 2013 
Community Development Block Grants 101:Creating Successful CDBG Applications, April 2013


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