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Tick Identification

Department of Health
Kari Reiber, MD, Commissioner


The Dutchess County Department of Health offers a free tick identification service at 85 Civic Center Plaza- Suite 106.  Submissions will only be accepted with a fully filled out submission form that includes doctor name and contact information. Download the Arthropod/Tick ID Submission Form (.pdf)

Please note: DCDOH does not test the ticks for the presence of Lyme disease or any other disease agent. This service includes identification of the tick and an estimation of attachment time only.

Tick identification is also performed by Farm and Home Center, 2715 Route 44, Millbrook, NY 12545. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 - 4:30. There will be a fee for this service. Visit the website of Cornell University Cooperative Extention - Dutchess County at




Kari Reiber, MD,Commissioner of Health Kari Reiber, MD
Commissioner of Health
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