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Dana Smith, Commissioner




The Dutchess County Office of Emergency Management advises residents to take the following actions if told to evacuate by local officials:

  1. Follow the instructions and advice of local government officials. If you are advised to evacuate, do so promptly.  If you are advised to go to a certain location, go there.  Don’t go anywhere else. 

  2. Pack what you need for several days. Make sure your “Go” Bag contains: 

    1. Water

    2. Dry or canned flood

    3. Flashlight and batteries

    4. Several days supply of prescription medicine

    5. Important papers and phone numbers

    6. Cash (in small bills)

    7. Dry change of clothes and sturdy shoes

    8. First Aid Kit

    9. Sleeping bag, blankets, pillows

    10. If certain travel routes are advised, use those routes rather than trying to find short cuts.  If you are told to shut off water, gas or electrical service to your home before leaving, do so. 

  3. Before you leave, secure your home.  Bring inside or secure loose items.  Shutter windows and doors securely.  Turn off electricity at main switch and the gas at each appliance.

  4. Leave as soon as officials instruct that you do to avoid being marooned on flooded highways.

  5. Make certain you have enough fuel for your car.

  6. As you travel, keep listening to the radio for additional instructions.

  7. Watch for washed out roads, earth slides, broken water or sewer mains, loose or downed electrical wires and falling or fallen objects.

  8. Don’t try to cross a stream or pool of water unless you are certain that the water will not be over your knees, or above the middle of your car’s wheels, all the way across.   If you do decide it is safe to cross, put your car in low gear and drive very slowly to avoid splashing water into your engine and causing it to stop.  Also, remember that your brakes may not work well after the car has been in deep water.  Try them out a few times when you reach the other side.

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