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The following is a list of brochures and maps from the Dutchess County Parks Department.

2016 Weekend Archery Program
This program is designed for children and adults with any level of experience in archery. The first session will be a review of basic archery safety and skills for those who may not have attended in the past. The majority of the time will be spent practicing with the bows, learning through experience. The program consists of 5 classes. Each class lasts an hour. All equipment is provided.

For your convenience two groups of time slots are available:  Weekend Archery Group A Schedule (.pdf) – Weekend Archery Group B Schedule (.pdf)

2016 Summer Programs Brochure (.pdf)
The Dutchess County Parks Division is offering a variety of educational programs this year. Our programs give children an opportunity to experience and learn about the natural history of the Hudson Valley. Each program focuses on various aspects of environmental awareness, prehistoric Native American culture, and survival skills. Our goal is to give children a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature within a fun and entertaining atmosphere. We strive to relate these program topics to the curriculum students are currently studying. Our programs are based in Bowdoin Park located in Poughkeepsie. We also do outreach programming when transportation is an issue.

2016 Scout Programs (.pdf)
Our Survival Series of programs are designed to give scouts ongoing training in wilderness survival skills. These classes build upon each other creating a framework that will allow students to handle any situation that might arise. We emphasize teamwork, creative problem solving and self reliance.

2016 School Programs Brochure (.pdf)
We offer educational opportunities for children of all ages. Our programs tend to be hands-on to facilitate learning through experience rather than lecture.

Pancake Breakfast (.pdf): April 2, 2016
Dutchess County Parks will be having an end of the season pancake breakfast on
Saturday, April 2nd from 9:00am to 11:30am in the Community Center Auditorium.
Come and enjoy locally made maple syrup and beautiful views of the Hudson River. 

Maple Open House (.pdf): March 5, 2016
Come and learn the art of making maple syrup. This is a hands on program, where participants are able to take part in different steps of the process from tapping the trees, to collecting the sap, and then boiling it down to syrup.

Scout Program Brochure (.pdf)
See what is being offered by Dutchess County Parks in the Survival Series of Scout programs.

Dutchess County Parks Educational Program (.pdf)
This brochure offers detailed descriptions of the educational programs offered by Dutchess County Parks.

Bowdoin Park Nature and Hiking Trail System Map (.pdf)
This map shows the nature and hiking trails for Bowdoin Park as well as general park buildings and parking areas.

Wilcox Park Hiking Trail System Map (.pdf)
This map shows the hiking trails for Wilcox Park as well as general park buildings and parking areas.




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