Environmental Services



The following are regulatory services carried out in accordance with the provisions of the NYS Public Health Laws,  NYS Sanitary Code and DC Sanitary Code.  For more information call 845.486.3404.


- Environmental Health Services -


EHS staff permit and inspect food service facilities, children's camps, hotels, motels, campsites, parks, temporary residences, mobile home parks, public functions with 5000 or more people, swimming pools, bathing beaches, migrant labor camps, daycare centers, and nursery schools.

EHS staff also arrange for pre-construction conferences and inspections of individual water supplies and sewage disposal systems for conformance to approved plans. They also investigate complaints regarding foodborne illnesses, rental dwellings, sewage failures, vermin infestations, offensive materials, and analyze reports of animal bites and human contact with suspected rabid animals.


Heat Complaints

Article 21 of the Dutchess County Sanitary Code requires landlords to maintain heating systems in rental dwellings to provide a minimum temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit for the period commencing September 15 and ending May 31 unless the rental agreement states otherwise.  If tenants have complained to their landlords regarding insufficient heat, and the owner has failed to correct the problem, the tenant can file a complaint with the appropriate Environmental Health District Office (see listing of towns below). DBCH staff will investigate the allegation and if a violation is confirmed, contact the owner for abatement. We do not regulate heating of commercial buildings.


  • Poughkeepsie District Office (845.486.3404): City of Poughkeepsie, Town of Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, LaGrange
  • Beacon District Office (845.838.4801): Beacon, Beekman, East Fishkill, Fishkill, Wappinger
  • Millbrook District Office (845.677.4001):  Amenia, Clinton, Dover, Milan, Northeast, Pawling, Pine Plains, Pleasant Valley, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Staatsburg, Stanford, Union Vale, Washington


An emergency answering service can be contacted at (845) 431-6465 for heat outages that occur outside of M-F 9 AM to 5 PM & Holidays.

Environmental Health Services - Resources:




- Data and Mapping -


  • USEPA Mapping (Envirofacts, EnviroMapper, Window To My Environment)



- Engineering Services -


Conducts inspections, monitors, regulates, reviews, and approves plans for sewage collection, treatment and disposal systems, realty subdivisions, bathing beaches, residential and commercial sewage disposal systems, individual and public water supplies. Conducts a NYSDOH approved certification course for water treatment plant and distribution system operators.



- Radiation Services and Environmental Health Assessment Program -


Conducts investigations and provides technical assistance regarding radon, radiation and chemical emergency response plans, petroleum and chemical spills, asbestos, occupational health, hazardous and medical waste disposal sites, indoor air quality, environmental lead assessments, and potential exposure to chemicals and hazardous substances. Also conducts West Nile Virus surveillance and control activities.  (845) 486-3404




- Tobacco Control Program -


This program maintains and processes permits for Dutchess County tobacco retailers, and conducts periodic inspections of retailers to ensure compliance with state and local regulations. It also handles complaints pertaining to the Clean Indoor Air Act. (845) 486-3404


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