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For more than 20 years, Dutchess County has debated about the county jail, whether or not to expand it, how much to spend and what the alternatives are. The current facility does not have enough space for the total of inmates and for years, the County has needed to house massive numbers of inmates in other county jails at annual cost of more than $8 million. Since 2005, the County has under direct order from the New York State Commission of Correction (COC) to build adequate space.

Over the past four years, with bi-partisan support, Dutchess has been engaged in a comprehensive analysis of our entire criminal justice system and we encourage you to learn more about our work and research on the these webpages.

On February 4th, the County Executive’s Office presented a comprehensive proposal for the design and construction of a Dutchess County Justice and Transition Center - a modern facility that will be less costly for our taxpayers, while continuing and expanding our diversion and intervention programs to provide a comprehensive system of justice we believe will be a model for counties across the nation. The proposal includes a $2 million investment in youth services and crime prevention to truly break the cycle and reduce the number of young people who enter our criminal justice system. With so many opportunities to empower our kids and prevent crime, we will conduct the most extensive analysis of youth services and crime prevention ever undertaken. We will identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps in service and opportunities to improve; and we will create a comprehensive action plan for the most integrated and successful crime prevention and youth empowerment program of any county in New York State and we will partner with the City of Poughkeepsie and others to build a Youth Services Center.

As we have since we began this process, we are committed to an open and engaged process to consider these proposals. Continue to visit these pages for documents and presentation materials Below please find the full schedule of legislative meetings, public forums, town hall sessions to get information, ask questions, and offer suggestions. Legislature meetings are webcasted and can be viewed here.


Thank you to all those who attended the town hall forums hosted by County Executive Marc Molinaro. View a copy of the fact sheet handout (.pdf)  

Fact Sheet Handout - Click to View

February 4th Dutchess County Legislature  Committee Meetings
February 5th Request for Proposal for Architect issued and can be viewed HERE
February 8th Dutchess County Legislature Board Meeting at 7pm
February 16th External Advisory Group Meeting at 6:30pm

Catharine Street Community Center
69 Catharine Street, Poughkeepsie

View the meeting: Part 1, Part 2

February 26th

Request for Proposal for Owner’s Representative Services issued and can be viewed HERE


(The Owner's Representative is intended to serve in an advisory capacity to the Owner (Dutchess County) to assure that the project remains on track in terms of scope, budget and schedule throughout the final design phases and bidding of the project.  The Owner's Representative is also intended to assist in evaluation of alternate and innovative design recommendations, value engineering recommendations and sustainable design elements, by the final Design Professional(s); and to assist the Justice & Transition Center Team with achieving optimal staffing ratios.)

February 29th

Dutchess County Legislature Committee of the Whole Meeting at 6:00pm

View meeting webcast HERE

Review legislators' questions and the answers HERE

March 8th Criminal Justice Council Meeting at 8:00am

Catharine Street Community Center
69 Catharine Street, Poughkeepsie


March 10th Dutchess County Legislature Committee Meeting
March 14th Dutchess County Legislative Board Meeting
March 21st Special Dutchess County Legislature Board Meeting – 6:00pm
  • Full Board vote on resolution CA-145-15, EAF Environmental Review Determination
  • Full Board to vote on Dutchess County Justice & Transition Center  Bond


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