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This enhanced County Clerk system allows customers to search and view digital images of 1,300,000 filed land and legal documents. While you are always welcome, by using our “On-line Office” it’s no longer necessary to drive to the County Office Building to review documents and get "uncertified" printed copies.

Images may be viewed on-line free-of-charge. To download or print documents there is a $0.50/page charge. Certified copies are available through the Record Room at 22 Market St.

As you use the new system, an On-line Help section is available to assist you in finding the information and documents you need.  If you encounter any technical issues, please Contact internet support.  If you have questions about the actual data, please use Your Dutchess Direct  to contact the County Clerk.

We hope you find the enhanced Document Search system a useful and convenient tool!

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Bradford Kendall,County Clerk Bradford Kendall
County Clerk
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