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NEWWelcome to the Dutchess County Local Business Registry Program

We are pleased to announce that Dutchess County now has an online local business registration system. Dutchess County purchases many goods and services throughout the year in order to provide for necessary operations. New York State Law and the County’s procurement policy govern the procedures for the purchasing of goods and services that require formal bids and quotes.

For the purchase of goods and services that fall below monetary thresholds, Dutchess County, to the extent possible, would like to purchase these goods and services from local businesses. As a result, the County has established an on line registration system for local business.

The system allows you to quickly register and update details such as what products and services you provide as well as your contact information. For this purpose, a “local business” shall refer to:

Any operating, commercial entity located physically within the geographic borders of the County of Dutchess that employs at least one full-time employee.

*This registration system is for informational purposes and does not guarantee any purchases by the County.  Please be sure to read all terms and conditions.


Registration Instructions 

Local Businesses can use this application to register with Dutchess County by using their Dutchess County Online Account. If a local business doesn’t have a Dutchess County online Account, one can be created by following the link ‘Create Account’ on the login page.  You can register multiple businesses under one Dutchess County Online Account.

After you log in, you will need to enter your business information including your location address(s) as well as mailing address(s), and what products/services you offer.  There can only be one primary address for the business but you may enter multiple location addresses.

The wizard walks you through the screens. 

When you are done entering the products/services offered, you can click ‘Complete Registration and Go to Summary Page’. The Dutchess County Department of Central Services may contact you in the near future if they need any additional information such as completed and signed form W9.

You may always log back into your account anytime to add/make any changes.



Register Now


If you have any questions about the Business Registry, please contact or call 845-486-3670 - Please note registration will not be taken over the phone. 


Terms and Conditions  

The Local Business Registry is for informational purposes only. Dutchess County does not guarantee any minimum or maximum purchase made by the County. Information entered into the Registry will be used as an internal resource by Dutchess County Departments only. Please note that the information submitted, however, may be subject to the Freedom of Information Law, or any other law which requires access to records held by Dutchess County. 


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