Dutchess Aviation

Dutchess County Airport
Noel Knille, AIA, ASLA, Commissioner






We are an EPIC Fuel branded dealer with 100LL AVGAS, Jet-A, and Jet-A with with additive. 


 Aircraft anti-icing 


 Engine pre-heat service 
 Complimentary coffee and ice 


 Jump starts/GPU 
 Limousine and hotel reservations


 Lavatory servicing
 Wi-Fi Internet access


 DUATS flight planning
 DTN/Meteorlogix weather


 24 hour security monitoring of your aircraft



Fee Schedule


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Hours of Operations

Fuel services are available from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. seven days a week and can be reached from the air on Unicom frequency 122.95.  After hour services are available.

Rental cars are available through Hertz and Enterprise.  Our award winning Dutchess Aviation Team would be happy to provide you with transportation to and from local restaurants that provide a wide variety of cuisine to suit any pallette. 

Corporate Terminal

The spacious, well lit apron with 24-hour multiple camera security can accommodate aircraft of all sizes, providing ample parking for several aircraft at one time.

It is here where our premier services really shine, with secured access to the ramp for limousines, taxi cabs, buses, rental cars and even emergency vehicles.

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