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New York State Licensed Home Care Aide Vendors
Serving Dutchess County


Agencies providing “hands on” personal care or skilled services must be licensed by the NYS Department of Health. Dutchess County makes no provisions or guarantees regarding the fitness, character or ability to perform of the agencies listed in this brochure. To determine how needs can best be met, please contact DUTCHESS NY Connects at (845) 486-2555 or through our automated response system: Go to Your Dutchess Direct

Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSA) may be private or hospital-affiliated, operating for profit or not-for-profit. They provide a wide range of services in the home. A LHCSA must be insured; some bond their employees. Personal care is the most used LHCSA service. As provided by home health aides and personal care workers, it consists of assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, feeding, meal preparation, shopping, light housekeeping, and laundry. Frequent components of such services are companionship and respite for overstressed caregivers.  These personnel are assigned and supervised by Registered Nurses.

  • A&T Home Care, 561-7900 / 331-7868
  • Accent Care, 473-7444
  • Always There, 339-6683
  • Any-Time Home Care, Inc.,485-2666 / 565-1212
  • Golden Care (LHCSA), 462-4000 x206 
  • Home Health Care & Companions, 454-3778 / 331-1966
  • Health Quest Home Care, 471-4243
  • Premier Home Health Care, 214-0870
  • MidHudson Regional Licensed Home Care of Westchester Medical Center, 483-5551
  • Unlimited Care, Inc., 473-5900 / 876-1976 / 562-5157
  • Willcare, 635-1277 / 331-3970


  • LEND A FRIEND (Willcare), 342-1661



Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHA) Serving Dutchess County - A Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA) is a home care services agency that  meets specific standards established by federal and state government regulations and is “certified” to provide services under the Medicare program.  This type of home care agency provides directly or arranges for the following services:


- Intermittent skilled nursing
- Home health aide
- Physical therapy
- Occupational therapy
- Speech therapy
- Medical supplies
- Medical social work

  • Datahr Home Care, 516-932-7799 x222 (Special Needs) 
  • EverCare at Home, 485-6697
  • Hudson Valley Homecare, 471-4243 
  • MidHudson Regional Certified Home Health Services of Westchester Medical Center, 483-5550 
  • Willcare, 342-1661 / 331-3970 (Special Needs)

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Mary Kaye Dolan,Director Mary Kaye Dolan
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