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It’s important to keep you informed of County news and announcements that may affect your lives and businesses. This section of the website does just that.

Here you'll find County Executive news releases and public service announcements, as well as news from the County Clerk, County Legislature and the Department of Health- providing you with information about a broad range of current issues and events. You'll also find newsletters from the Division of Aging Services to keep you informed about subjects and activities that are important to our senior citizens.

Public service announcements and radio spots highlight current issues within our county and offer you yet another source of information.  

Web feeds are available on our website for news content that changes frequently as well as public service announcements and radio spots.  You can subscribe to a specific Web/RSS feed by clicking on the RSS feed icon Web Feeds that appears next to the appropriate list title below.  Please note: RSS feeds must be viewed using a feed reader.  See Web Feed Help for more information.  For a complete list of Web/RSS feeds available on our website, see the Subscription Services webpage.

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  • September 29, 2015 -  Health Quest, Dutchess County, LiveOnNY team up for National Organ Enrollment Day on Oct. 6
         Health Quest and Dutchess County have joined LiveOnNY to galvanize New Yorkers to give the gift of life on the inaugural Organ Donor Enrollment Day.    Read more...

  • September 29, 2015 -  Second Annual Shared Services Summit Held
         Poughkeepsie…Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro held the second annual Dutchess County Shared Services Summit last night at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel.  Close to 80 local, county and state officials took part in a roundtable discussion to brainstorm potential shared services or consolidation opportunities to reduce the cost of government. The summit was an important opportunity for local leaders to come together to develop the necessary shared services and consolidations to qualify for the New York State Property Tax Freeze credit. The County Executive also announced the latest round of awards from Dutchess County’s Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant Program. A total of 13 municipalities were awarded $993,912 to pursue consolidation and shared services projects.   Read more...

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         The Dutchess County Legislature is actively pursuing civic-minded individuals who are interested in serving as legislative appointments to various public board, councils, and committees.  In addition to the Legislature’s standing committees comprised of its members, there are numerous advisory committees and boards that rely on citizen participation.   Read more...

         Poughkeepsie… Dutchess County Legislature Chairman Rob Rolison (District 8 – City and Town of Poughkeepsie) was joined by County Executive Marc Molinaro today to announce additional resources to assist the City of Poughkeepsie in the wake of a recent string of shootings. The announcement follows a series of discussions with county and city leadership, law enforcement, community groups, and clergy organized by Molinaro and Rolison. Participants identified immediate crime-reduction needs for the City of Poughkeepsie as well as coordinated longer-term goals related to community development, among others.

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Public Service Announcements and Radio Spots

Dutchess County and its departments provide many services to the public.  Through public service announcements and radio spots, we  try to make residents aware of these services and to diseminate important information about current topics.

Choose from the list below to get information in audio file format (ex. mp3) about various County services and issues that are both relevant and important.

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    9/16/2010 - Protect Yourself From the Flu - Dr. Michael Caldwell, Commissioner of Health
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This public service announcement gives important information about how you can protect yourself, your family, and your community from the flu.

        ~ Click HERE to read more information from the Department.

    11/17/2009 - Be Handicapped Parking Considerate - Dutchess County Handicapped Parking Education Program
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Observing handicapped parking rules is not just being considerate - it's the law!  Listen to this public service announcement by the Dutchess County Handicapped Parking Education Program.

        ~ Click HERE to read more information from the Department.

    11/17/2008 - Helping with Stress During the Holiday Season - Dr. Kenneth Glatt, Commissioner of Mental Hygiene
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Learn how the services provided by the Dutchess County Department of Mental Hygiene can help in dealing with stress during the holiday season in this public service announcement.

        ~ Click HERE to read more information from the Department.

    11/2/2009 - Celebrate Veterans Appreciation Day - Nelson Eddy Rivera, Director of the Veterans Services
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This public service announcement shows how we honor our service men and women by celebrating Veterans Appreciation Day (2009).

        ~ Click HERE to read more information from the Department.

    11/17/2009 - Don't Blow It! A Message from Dutchess County STOP DWI
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        ~ Click HERE to read more information from the Department.

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